Our cursed 24H of Le Mans

POSTED BY PST July 5, 2020 in Race Reports
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Yeah, we were cursed. Yeah, it all went wrong and there was nothing we could do about it.

It may sound like we are making some excuses but the truth is that it all went wrong for us on the PTES 24H of Le Mans.
From the 50/50 decision that didn’t come our way until a power outage, everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.

Although we had a lot of bad luck we have some problems to correct for this type of race. It starts with being better prepared. With only one week to practice, we knew that it would be a miracle to have some kind of top pace, but we didn’t expect to be so off like we were.

Knowing that we were aiming for a clean race, free of mistakes, and any kind of problems to achieve a top 10 position. On a 24H race, being able to avoid problems is a big achievement in itself and usually leads you to a good result. That’s when all went wrong.
Starting from a bad call on the tires to start the race and finish on a power outage with 1h15 to the checkered flag we just could not do anything to change this outcome and improve our performance to secure a better finish position.

We try to take some positives from the race but more than that we try to learn what Le Mans had to teach us. We will be back stronger for sure.

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