12H Suzuka by PTES

POSTED BY PST September 21, 2020 in Race Announces
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We are on for another Endurance race. It’s what we love to do and we are putting ourselves out there again. The team hasn’t forgotten the result of the 24H of Le Mans and with that in mind, we are practicing so we get control of things. With a renewed line up we are going to Suzuka and try to get a good result. Some of our drivers from iRacing are now racing in rFactor 2 as well and we are more motivated than ever. Using this race as a practice for the big championship we are going to participate we are aiming to a good finish with our two entries.

In the Prosimtech team, we have Pedro Pimenta, André Araújo, and Beto Belo. This is our fastest team and the one we are hoping can fight for a podium position.

In the Prosimtech Red, we have Daniel Silva, Diogo Quaresma, João Nascimento, and Marcos Moutinho. Although this team is a little bit slower we want to finish inside the top ten.

With our goals defined and we are working hard to achieve them.

The qualy session will take place on Thursday at 21h00 (PT time) and the race will be on Saturday as 14h00 (PT time). We hope not to disappoint and we count with your support.

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